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Digital Painting of Buddha


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Meaning of this Painting:

The word Buddha means “enlightened”. One who has attained the ultimate state of wisdom, everyone has capacity to be like Buddha.

We all are born with same inner potential and everyone has this potential to be  like Buddha and reach to the stage of nirvana in this very life

But the inner potential lies in everyone as a seed form. when one nourishes that seed, it blossoms like Bodhi tree

When one walks on the right path is ultimately going to reach the final stage and becomes like the Buddha.

Here in this painting I depicted this with the man in robes walking on the path, here 9 steps are there, which symbolic representations of mind limitations and qualities

First 6 steps represents the enemies of the mind, which are Arishadvargas

  1. Lust or desire

2. Anger

3. Greed

4. Delusion

5. Arrogance or Pride

6. Jealousy or envy


Next 3 steps represents

7. Love

8. Compassion

9. Devotion

when one who crosses the first 6 six steps which are enemies of the mind through overcoming them and then whosever crosses the next 3 steps by developing the qualities like love, compassion and devotion will reach to the final stage and ultimately becomes the Buddha 





Items Include

High resolution digital painting image, you can use it as screensaver or theme for your laptops, Ipads, mobiles.



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