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What matters at the end

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I have heard beautiful story, it doesn’t matter whether it is real or fairy tale, the essence in the story matters.

When Alexander was dying he told his commander in chief, “This is my last wish, and fulfil this one”. The commander asked, “What is it sir?”  When you carry my coffin to the grave, keep both my hands hanging out of the coffin”. The commander in chief asked, “What kind of wish is this sir?” Alexander said, “My whole life I had spent to conqueror the world  by accumulating the things. Let everybody know that Alexander the Great is dying with empty hands”.

We come alone, one day we all go alone. It doesn’t matter how long you live, how much you have accumulated or how much attention you have received.

What matters most at the end is, when you look at back your life, how well you lived and how many people lives you touched matters.


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