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As we start to grow up, we start put masks and hide ourselves in those masks. We put masks depends on the people we meet. We keep on changing the masks depending on the situations.

If you are talking to your parent, you put mask of children role, If you are talking to your wife, husband, you put another mask. If you are talking to your children, you put mask of parent role. If you are talking to your friends, you put mask of friend role. If you are talking to your neighbour, you put other mask. These are not our real faces.

On the surface you will wear a mask, but behind the surface we hide our original face because we don’t want to show our original face to anyone, we keep our original with us locked inside,  nobody knows about it. We go on putting layers and layers of masks on top of it.

You see people, they greet each other with beautiful smile on face, they are smiling outside, but the smile is not coming from the heart. Cultivated smile is only a masks. Those who wear masks and they forgets their original face completely.

Ask yourself. Are you authentic or just hiding behind those masks? When you are alone, sitting silently  your true authentic self will come out, that’s your true nature.

Live without any masks, with your original face. Take out your mask and Be Authentic Yourself.

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