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You are unique

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Generally people know anything only through comparison, we give value only through comparison. Somebody has more money than you, somebody has more healthy than you, somebody has more beauty than you, somebody has more intelligence than you. You are constantly comparing yourself with others, many people do the same. The desiring mind always continues to compare.

Each individual is born unique, no two individuals are ever alike, you won’t find someone like you in the past,  no one is going to be like you in the future.

Universe never makes anyone similar, everyone is unique,  You are unique but most of the suffering comes from the comparison. You cannot compare two leaves. you cannot compare two flowers. you cannot compare two pebbles on the seashore. They are always unique, same the way you are.

It is only the ignorant person who ever compares himself with others. The really intelligent one never compares with anybody.

Never compare yourself. You are unique.

                                                                                   — $₹€£`nivas’


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