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Happiness never decreases by sharing

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When a flower blossom it never keeps it fragrance with it. It spreads with everyone, whoever comes near to it. Every tree shares its fruits, and gives shelter to whoever comes under it for to rest, rivers won’t keep their water for themselves, sun, moon won’t keep their light for themselves, they spread their light with us to keep our darkness away.

Can you think of what would happen, if the trees would keep their fruits for themselves. If tree says,” I don’t want to share my air with anyone”. How would we breathe?  how can we live? We no longer exist here anymore.Whole nature shares with us, what they have. Whatever they are capable of offering. But why can’t we?

The only way to make life worthwhile is to share with others, share what you know, share what you have. Sharing has a certain magic of its own, no one can steal the happiness that it brings.

Happiness never decreases by sharing — $₹€£`nivas’


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