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Nothing is higher than Freedom

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Man is born absolutely free. Freedom is the source of life. Life itself is rooted in freedom. There is nothing higher than freedom in life, without freedom life has no meaning at all.

Freedom does not mean, social freedom, economic freedom, political freedom. Freedom means its of inner. By freedom means the freedom of consciousness. Freedom means, freedom from all fears, freedom from all desires, freedom from all possessiveness, freedom from all hatred, freedom from all conditioning, freedom from all bondages, freedom from all your past, freedom from all prejudices, freedom from all concepts and ideologies, ,freedom from all beliefs, freedom from all anger, hatred, jealousy, rage, lust, freedom from all.

Live life in absolute freedom. Be free from everything, so you become unbounded, you become as vast as the sky. But freedom is possible only if you move out of unconscious patterns of living. If you can be a maste of your life, then freedom comes on its own accord

Only man of awareness can live in completely freedom.

—   $₹€£`nivas’


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