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Be Like a Lotus

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Lotus flower is often represents as symbol of purity of the heart, body and mind. The beautiful thing about the lotus flower is that it blooms in the mud and rise above the surface. Even though it blooms through the mud, it petals look clean as if it is untouched by the impurity, not only that,  it retreats back down into the mud every night, and rises back above the surface in the sunshine of each day, with remarkable beauty with clean bright petals.

Whenever you feel like, you are going through all the obstacles, and when life throws challenges at you, when you feel like everything is falling apart remember the lotus flower.

It is a reminder that  whatever the past that you may have, how bad it may be. You can always make a new start for yourself.

You have incredible strength and potential to overcome the dark part of your past and reborn like a lotus with every sunshine.

— $₹€£`nivas’


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