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Be a child again

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Every child is born as innocent and natural. They are full of life. The beauty of the children is they live in the present moment. They never worry about their past and they never have any anxiety about the future. They enjoys every moment of life.

No child is interested in money. No child is interested in power. No child is interested being famous because no child is born foolish, we make them so and condition them.

All his interests are simple  and natural, all he is interested  in dancing under the stars, in dancing in the wind, in dancing in the rain, in the flowers, in the butterflies, in the pebbles on a seashore, in just playing Joyfully.

The beautiful thing about the children is,  whenever they want to laugh, they laugh, whenever they want to cry, they cry. They don’t know how to act. They function out of their being.

Be a child again. Enjoy every moment of your Life.

—   $₹€£`nivas’


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